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Corporate Identity

Signage is integral to brand identity and on many occasions the first impression relayed to potential customers. It's therefore essential your signs enforce a strong statement about what an organisation stands for, how it wants to be perceived and it's values to its customers.

Fret Cut Letters

Fret cut letters Fret Cut Aluminium sheet with your letters or logos cut away. Typically the aperture is refilled with acrylic. Inset, flush and proud acrylic options together with thousands of colour combinations. The minimum size of lettering is of a 3mm stroke weight yet the maximum size is only limited by the finished dimensions of the sign. Great choice of colours or even blends can be achieved by reverse applying printed vinyl to clear acrylic. Can be back lit with LEDs.

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Flat Cut Letters

Flat cut letters Flat cut letters Can be made from aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel, foamboard, fibreglass (GRP), wood or composites. Flush or stand-off mounted letters and logos in a wide range of materials and colour combinations. Best between 50mm and 3050mm cap height, depending on material. Illumination options are available.

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Built up Letters

Built Up
Built Up Cut from aluminium, acrylic or stainless steel, these 3D letters are available in a wide range of fonts, complex logos and a variety of illumination options. Letter sizes from 50mm up to any size depending on material.

Aluminium can be powder coated in 108 stock colours. Acrylic is limited only by the range of colours available. Choice of front face or halo lit illumination.

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