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Formulate Lite
The Formulate Lite flags create a simple yet stunning outdoor product. Built on the popular Formulate scaffold platform, the frame simply connects one numbered 25mm aluminium tube to another for fast assembly then the fabric graphic is threaded directly onto the pole and secured with a toggle. The Formulate Lite flag is ideal for event signage and can be mounted on different terrains with one of our many flag bases amd available in three different styles…
Rectangle Quill Feather
Formulate Lite Rectangle

Formulate Lite Quill

Formulate Lite Feather
Available sizes
  • XL 820mm x 5510mm
  • Large 820mm x 4505mm
  • Medium 720mm x 3505mm
  • Available sizes
  • XL 930mm x 4580mm
  • Large 836mm x 3710mm
  • Medium 734mm x 3860mm
  • Small 620mm x 2300mm
  • Available sizes
  • XL 725mm x 5135mm
  • Large 675mm x 4195mm
  • Medium 625mm x 3245mm
  • Small 575mm x 2475mm
  • Templates: Formulate Lite Rectangle Templates: Formulate Lite Quill Templates: Formulate Lite Feather
    Zoom Mini Cros sBase Cross Base
    Zoom Lite Square Base Square Base
    Weighting Ring Weighting Ring
    Plastic Spike Plastic Ground Stake
    Drive On Car Foot Drive On Car Foot
    Water Base Outdoor Water Base
    Metal Ground Spike Metal Ground Spike

    The Zoom Flag is a flexible full fibre flag pole designed to give you a choice of pole sizes covering small, medium, large & extra-large that can accommodate three different flag shapes – Quill, Crest and Feather. With a wide range of base options to suit any surface & situation. The full fibre pole gives additional strength & flexibility offering peace of mind that this flag pole will always perform.
    • Can be Single or Double sided
    • Choice of four different flag pole heights
    • Choice of three different flag shapes
    • Multiple bases to suit all surfaces
    Zoom Feather Zoom Crest Zoom Quill
    Zoom Lite Feather

    Zoom Lite Crest

    Zoom Lite Quill
    A choice of sizes
  • XL 1032mm x 3836mm
  • Large 940mm x 3368mm
  • Medium 588mm x 2600mm
  • Small 640mm x 1860mm
  • A choice of sizes
  • XL 850mm x 3900mm
  • Large 785mm x 3400mm
  • Medium 600mm x 2600mm
  • Small 500mm x 1900mm
  • A choice of sizes
  • XL 1204mm x 3600mm
  • Large 1200 x 2900mm
  • Medium 680mm x 2100mm
  • Small 680mm x 1452mm
  • Templates: Zoom Feather Templates Templates:Zoom Crest Templates Templates: Zoom Quill Templates
    Wind Dancer
    This compact flagpole is ideal for indoor or outdoor events, promotions or exhibitions. Components are lightweight and very portable, and include a hollow moulded plastic base can be filled with water or sand for stability. Available in two sizes: Wind Dance