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Frosted Manifestations

Current building regulations state that glass doors, glass partitions and screens of full body height should be marked correctly with frosted or solid manifestations to make the glass more visible. This health and safety requirement is a cautionary measure to prevent people walking into the glass and causing injury. These can take the form of repeated logos, lines of dots, squares or other shapes, continuous lines or something entirely more creative. The regulations allow the use of various types of semi-opaque vinyls, films or printed vinyls as long as the design adheres to the correct sizes and placements laid our in the recommendations.

Many have used this legal requirement as an opportunity to add some creative branding to workspaces, shop windows and public spaces. Here at Deeleys we have all you need to bring your ideas to life.

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Here at Deeleys we can use various types of frosted vinyls to achieve the required affect. They can be semi or fully permanent, air-free for a bubble-free finish. Frosted vinyls can be positive or negative weeded out.

Key Features:

  • Complies to Building Regulations 2000 : Part M
  • Dots, squares or repeated linear pattern can be supplied in 3m strips
  • Can be printed on to add colour effects
  • Available in different shades and textures which allow various light penetration
  • UV blocking
  • Can be applied on site by our team of expert fitters
  • Suitable in retail, office, academic and public spaces
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    Frosted Vinyls